Remembering My Fundamentalist Past

While I’m quite ambivalent about fundamentalism and its dualisms of saved and unsaved, heaven and hell, and righteous and unrighteous, I am grateful for a childhood religion that enabled me to learn the Bible and experience God as real for the first time. Although I’ve had to unlearn quite a bit … my Bible-believing roots prepared me to stretch my theological wings later in life.” Bruce Epperly shares this thoughtful reflection on his Christian fundamentalist past as it relates to his progressive “present,” as part of our Patheos Public Square this week. [Read more...]

Faith-Changing Books

What book has most deeply affected your faith life over the last ten years? That’s the question we’ve posed to more than dozen bloggers; here seminary student and author Amy Julia Becker shares her picks for essential summer reading. [Read more...]

Tea Partyers as Advocates for the Poor and Downtrodden?

Over at the Evangelical Portal, Tim Dalrymple has created quite a stir with his piece suggesting the Tea Party might actually be a social justice movement. Guest blogger and Theology Professor Philip Clayton offers a passionate rebuttal to Dalrymple’s proposal. [Read more...]