Angels and Demons, Part I

Are angels and demons biblical? Associate Dean of Religious Life and author Jim Burklo recently responded to a series of questions on angels and archangels by the producers of the TV series “Supernatural.” We’ll post excerpts from his interview over the course of this week.
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We Really Ought To Name Something “Bob”

“No matter how hard I try, the moment I mention the word, church, people pretty much run in the other direction. Which would be OK with me if I didn’t think that some active engagement with the mystery we call God might be useful for people who would like to develop and grow. So I tell them what church is not, and still they run. Now I’m thinking, maybe we ought to just call it “Bob.” Presbyterian Pastor Sam Alexander considers re-naming Church. [Read more…]

“God Is Not One:” A Helpful Tool for Genuine Interfaith Conversation?

“I had five roommates my freshman year of college. Three of them were Jewish. And one was more involved in Jewish student life than the rest. So one night, I asked her if she’d be interested in a conversation to compare our religious beliefs. I was cross-legged on the bed. She pulled the chair out from my desk and turned to face me. “Let’s start with the basics,” I said. “What do you believe about God?” Amy Julia Becker on why the book God Is Not One may have aided her ensuing conversation. [Read more…]