Race, Nationality, Immigration, Solidarity?

Seminary student and guest blogger Talitha Phillips files her third report on the hot issues being debated at the Presbyterian Church’s bi-annual gathering this week. [Read more...]

Gratitude: A Spiritual Practice

“Meister Eckhardt once noted that if the only prayer you can make is “thank you,” that will be enough. And, I agree. Gratitude is the virtue of interdependence and connection, reminding us that what is best in life is a gift, not something we originated on our own and by ourselves but the result of the interplay of our creativity and the gift of life mediated through parents, friends, the environment, culture, our nation, and the divine who moves through all things.” Bruce Epperly reflects on the spiritual practice of saying “thank you.” [Read more...]

Electing a new Presbyterian Moderator, or Habemus Mamam

“When the Catholic council of superarchbishops or whatever it is gathers to choose a new pope, they sequester themselves in a room and send up a plume of white smoke when they come to a choice…Presbyterians do much the same, minus the secrecy…” Seminary student Talitha Phillips files her second report from the Presbyterian Church’s bi-annual gathering this week. [Read more...]