Are Science and Religion Compatible? You betcha!

“Why would someone want to think that science and religion are incompatible? I can think of two reasons, both of which are inadequate.” Ted Peters of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences offers our first in a series of responses to the religion-science debate we’ll be posting here at Faith Forward over the next week. [Read more...]

Holy Spirit: Lust, Life and Love

Our newest group blogger Jason Derr offers some rowdy ramblings on the Holy Spirit today: “Of course the Holy Spirit is not a gentleman. The word for Spirit used in the New Testament is feminine; the Holy Spirit is a Lady. Like Wisdom before her Spirit is the place where God becomes Goddess, where God becomes feminine and sexual and seductive. But the Lady – this She of God – is dangerous.” [Read more...]

Letter to a Young Graduate

“Let this be the start of a great work of art. Live something beautiful. Live the life that you’d be proud to live, because believe me, there’s enough people playing it safe.” Guest blogger, youth minister and dad Mark Yaconelli offers a litany for living life from the heart. [Read more...]