What to Preach on Ascension Day?

“What to Preach on Ascension Day?” Ascension Day is tomorrow! What to say? I like to break mysteries down into who, what, when, and why, not always in that order. The “what” of the Ascension is Jesus’ bodily rising into heaven and being welcomed by God and seated at God’s right hand. In thinking about [Read More…]

Star Wars Opening Crawl

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” Sometimes I think we need to remember the Star Wars opening crawl when we approach ancient texts to “get a message.” Find an analogy between then and now, is the advice we often get. But maybe a better piece of advice is to look for [Read More…]

“M” is for the Many Things – A Mother’s Day Sermon

In my version of this poem, M is for the mixed feelings I have about Mother’s Day. Because no human mom fulfills her role as perfectly as the mom in that poem. A day when we moms suspect that your cards tell us who we are not but who society, our family, maybe even God wishes we were.
[Read more…]