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Money, Mammon, Meaning & the Musings of Robert Frost

There is little doubt what Jesus meant when he lectured from the hillside that money is the root of all evil. Wait a second—don’t make any memes based on that quite yet. Because Jesus’ monetary remark from the Sermon on the Mount was actually about the impossibility of serving two masters, God and money. And [Read More…]

“As-salamu alaykum, What’s up, Bro?” — The Many Graces of Allah

I have been in many mosques, including four of the most “amazing mosques from around the world.” Then there’s the retired imperial mosque of Hagia Sophiain Istanbul — which made a decent Christian basilica, or so I’m told — wherein I once ‘stowed away’ after hours and spent part of an evening by myself marveling under its magnificent Byzantine [Read More…]

“Papa, if God wants to bring us peace and light, why did he help the Israelites destroy a city and kill people?”

I don’t always allow my daughter, who is seven, to read during church service. Technically, it’s Mass, as we are Roman Catholic. But I grew up in an Evangelical charismatic church, and sometimes it still feels funny to use the “M” word. Mass is a one-hour period each week during which I want my daughter, [Read More…]