What if God was One of Us?

Why do so many Christians understand God in a way similar to other human agents, only infinitely more wise, powerful, and unseen? To some scientists, this ease of attributing events to some intelligent cause has suggested a way of explaining theistic beliefs. [Read more…]

Our God is a Chaotic God

What if there really was nothing before the first things in the universe? No God preceded creation. Must atheistic conclusions necessarily follow? Not according to some arguing that God and the initial chaos of the early universe could have existed together in a state of co-dependency.
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Cosmology, Ontology, and God

It seems like a universe capable of creating itself and time would eliminate the need for a creator, but things are more complicated. Problems revolving around contingency would remain in such a universe. And some theologians have been arguing for ultimate causal answers in response to such problems. [Read more…]