Why We Need an Incarnation: A Progressive Vision

Progressive Christians struggle with the stories and theology of the incarnation.  Following Rudolf Bultmann, most progressives see the angelic visitation to Mary and the virgin birth as myths reflecting the early church’s affirmation of Jesus’ uniqueness not unlike stories of other political and savior figures.  Moreover, most progressives also question Jesus’ metaphysical uniqueness and relationship [Read More…]

Thanksgiving in a Time of Scarcity

Many North Americans are struggling to find a spirit of thankfulness this year.  Many of us are worried about finances, unemployment and underemployment, unsuccessful job searches, shrinking bank accounts and retirement plans, indebtedness, and the prospect of needing to work until our early 70’s, given the current state of our pensions.  Some curmudgeons might even [Read More…]

Why We Need Advent

Advent is a curious season in the Christian year.  Perhaps before the identification of Christmas and consumerism, the Advent season inspired Christians to reflection, confession, and preparation.  Beginning in the fourth century, Advent – like Lent –was seen as a time of fasting and penitence.  Although Christmas parties and “hanging of the greens” potlucks keep [Read More…]