Glenn Beck’s God of Tsunamis

Fresh back from holiday, America’s self-proclaimed “revival” preacher Glenn Beck attempted to give a theological explanation for the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  Speaking on his radio program, Beck suggested that the catastrophic earthquake might be a “message being sent” by a higher power, God or Gaia.  Beck postulated, “I’m not saying God is, you [Read More…]

The Adjustment Bureau: Divine Plan or Sacred Possibility?

Are our lives governed by fate or do we have freedom and creativity to shape our destinies? Does God have a clear plan for us, choosing the most important things in our lives without our awareness or consent, or is the unfolding of our lives the result of the interplay of chance and choice and divine call and human response? While it doesn’t claim to be academic theology, that’s the theme that runs through The Adjustment Bureau, a fast-paced thriller that joins romance and popular theology.
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God, The Holy Adventurer

On this first day of your holy adventure, we begin with the basics – our relationship with God, the Holy Adventurer. How you imagine the ultimate reality will shape what you expect from yourself and the world. What kind of world do we live in? Is God on our side or against us? Does God want us to have abundant life or does God want us to remain passive and subservient, living by scarcity? [Read more…]