Air-Conditioning and Christian Faith

Have you ever wondered what air conditioning has to do with Christian faith? Its obviously not something that Jesus thought about so why should we get concerned? I have just read a fascinating article and conversation at Alternet about whether we can and should live without air conditioning. [Read more…]

Creation is Dying – What Can We Do?

This week I have read several articles about the impact of the oil spill that is now hitting the Louisiana coast. Looking at some of these photos this morning filled me with despair and left me feeling helpless. But the impact of this catastrophe goes far beyond what is happening on the Gulf coast and the solutions we need should go far beyond the endeavours to still the flow and clean up the coastline. [Read more…]

Garbage into Gold

Today was tomato planting day, an event that always makes me feel as though spring has really arrived in Seattle.  And to top it off, it was the first really warm and sunny day so far this year. We turned the beds and added compost.  It was surprisingly the compost that held my attention the [Read More…]