Patheos@5: From Mainline to Progressive to…? Celebrating the Evolving Christian Journey #Patheos5yrs

Exciting news, friends! We’ve graduated to kindergarten! That’s right … Patheos, the little religion-site-that-could, is turning five this month! And I couldn’t be a prouder Mama. I remember the day we launched the first beta site, a few of us huddled around a computer monitor, anxiously watching to see if anyone would come. We were [Read More…]

Bearing Beauty: The Studio P(atheos) Artist Interviews

“And we were put on earth a little space To learn to bear the beams of love.” — William Blake Patheos is great at words. We bring you lots and lots of them here at our site (which, incidentally, is celebrating its 5-year anniversary next month!) and they’re really, really good. They make us think [Read More…]

Welcoming the Age of the Spirit: Happy Birthday, Phyllis!

“The Trinity comes now near to the promised realization of Its intention. It comes, as It said It would. And What we saw and feared in the image of Father, What we saw and embraced as Savior-Brother, we now know as Spirit and cling to as Advocate, even as It has said of Itself from [Read More…]