Did God Kill Jesus? Tony Jones on the Crucifixion, Love, and Resurrection


“The way we view the crucifixion of Jesus and the posture of God when that happened affects everything we think about God. It affects how we pray, how we worship, even how we raise our children. We can’t afford to get it wrong.” – Tony Jones, author of Did God Kill Jesus? Tony Jones, popular [Read More...]

Evolution and Biblical Faith: The Messiness of it all


Old Testament scholar and preaching professor John C. Holbert joins a Patheos roundtable conversation on “Evolution and Christian Faith,” sponsored by BioLogos. Click here for more perspectives — from evangelical to atheist – on this topic. I would like to respond briefly to several of the videos provided by Biologos, an organization dedicated to the conviction that [Read More...]

From Obesity to Ironman: A Conversation with Ragan Sutterfield

Sutterfield, Ragan

“My journey has been a path toward discovering the fullness of my self—body and spirit. I hope that my story will resonate with anyone who has tried to make sense of his or her body, whatever his or her physical condition.” — Ragan Sutterfield, author, This Is My Body A brand new book by author [Read More...]