Reviving the Nonprofit Leader: A Q&A with Transformational Leadership Strategist Hugh Ballou


“The nonprofit world has become complacent, static, timid, risk-averse, and minimalistic. We have inherited systems that compromise success. We have been taught leadership wrong.”– Hugh Ballou This week, Patheos launches an exciting new blog for nonprofit leaders called The Nonprofit Entrepreneur.  Blog author Hugh Ballou is a transformational leadership strategist and corporate culture architect and has worked [Read More...]

A Year in the Life: Top 10 Progressive Christian Posts of 2015


The year 2015 brought Patheos bloggers — and especially our passionate Progressive Christian bloggers — plenty to write and rant about, from discriminatory cake bakers to sexually-abusive fundamentalists to Olympic-winning transgenders. We pushed back on the notion of “Christian persecution” in America, grieved way too many mass shootings, and raged on behalf of way too many murdered black [Read More...]

Befriending Silence: Discovering the Gifts of Cistercian Spirituality


What is monastic spirituality and what might it offer us and the world today? Author Carl McColman has written a beautiful new book that, while focusing on one particular order of monasticism, the Cistercians, reveals the very heart and soul of monastic life and practice. In doing so, he presents a radically counter-cultural expression of living in [Read More...]