Welcoming the Age of the Spirit: Happy Birthday, Phyllis!

“The Trinity comes now near to the promised realization of Its intention. It comes, as It said It would. And What we saw and feared in the image of Father, What we saw and embraced as Savior-Brother, we now know as Spirit and cling to as Advocate, even as It has said of Itself from [Read More…]

It’s Called Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome, and Yes It’s Real

By Reba Riley If there’s one thing I know the power of, it’s a name. For the better part of a decade I suffered from a chronic mystery illness that was attacking me from the inside out. Countless doctors and specialists couldn’t diagnose me, couldn’t give me a name for what was happening. They told [Read More…]

Taking Ashes to the Streets: A Q&A with Sara Miles

“Sometimes, worshiping in a church building, you can be tempted by the fantasy that God is manageable. On the street,  though, anything can happen. The sequence is unpredictable. It’s just too hard to pretend I’m in control.” — Sara Miles, author of City of God While many Christians will make their way to a church building [Read More…]