Rediscovering the Beauty: A Conversation with Brian McLaren and Nadia Bolz-Weber


It’s a rare and wonderful day when I get to spend an hour alone with two of my favorite leading lights of the progressive Christian landscape. And so it was this week, when I found myself sitting in a creaky chair in the choir alcove of the beautiful, historical St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Denver [Read More...]

Frank Schaeffer Gets Real for RealClear Religion

Popular Patheos blogger, famous ex-Evangelical, and very vocal critic of the Religious Right Frank Schaeffer gave a terrific interview to Deputy Editor Nicholas G. Hahn III over at RealClear Religion this week. ¬†We’ve excerpted a few of our favorite responses here; click on the link below to read the rest of the¬†interview at RCR. Frank [Read More...]

A Pilgrim Christian at the Wake-Up Festival


Whenever I’m presented with an invitation to “awaken,” I typically cancel all plans and take it. This past weekend, I packed my retreat clothes and headed an hour and half northwest of Denver to attend the first-ever Wake-Up Festival in the mystical, mist-shrouded mountains of Estes Park. My journey was blessed beyond belief: a magnificent [Read More...]