About Patheos Daily Reflections

Beers & Hymns: A Partnership of Pub and Parish

Through our “Beers & Hymns” events at a local pub, we created an opportunity to be Church in our local neighborhood, rather than passively expecting the local neighborhood to come to our Church. [Read more…]

John Holbert: What I’m Reading this Summer

Books have long been my friends, my boon companions, acquaintances on long sleepless nights, during sultry and desultory days, whenever I need to escape and when I must not escape, when I need to see more clearly and understand more helpfully the world that God has given to us. [Read more…]

Pentecost and the Crucifixion of Privilege

While we continue to live in a society that unjustly rewards some at the expense of others, the Gospel exposes and crucifies such circumstances, and in doing so, we are set free from the lures of privilege and set free for the sake of others. [Read more…]