About Eric Smith

Eric Smith, PhD, is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and is the Minister of Community Life at First Plymouth Congregational Church in Denver, CO.

Advent Begins in the Experience of the Oppressed

“If you, like the magi, seek out the newborn Jesus this season, then this is how you must prepare: by seeking out the oppressed of our world, being immersed in their experiences, crying out to God on their behalf, and working against their oppressors, even against yourself.” Advent always begins in the experiences of the [Read More…]

How To Be a Midwife In Egypt: A Sermon on Ferguson and Our Choices

Editor’s Note: I share this sermon preached yesterday at the church I attend, First Plymouth Congregational Church, by the Rev. Dr. Eric Smith. In the aftermath of the Ferguson, MO, tragedy and the ensuing protests, I can’t imagine a much better sermon being given in many other churches around the country than this. — Deborah Arca How To Be a [Read More…]

Wild Goose Day Four: Ecosystems

My branch of mostly-white Protestant Christianity is obsessed with its own death. It frets about its demise constantly, asks itself how to prevent its decline, worries about its legacy, and, like a dying plant, apportions its resources in bare maintenance patterns, often in levels too low to really support life. But I think we sometimes miss the forest for the trees. [Read more…]