About Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett is a writer, professor, preacher, retreat leader, and musician based in Austin, Texas.

Why I Am a Christian

This month, Patheos has invited its many, faith-diverse writers to contribute to a new series called “Why I Am A… in 200 words or less.” Here, progressive Christian blogger Greg Garrett shares why he’s a Christian. (Read more responses to the question here.) I was raised in one branch of the Christian tradition that proved to [Read More…]

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Is it possible to push back against the atonement theory formulated by St. Anselm of Canterbury and imagine other meaningful reasons for Jesus to go to the Cross this week?
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Why I’m Voting For…

After spending the last two years exploring a non-partisan Christian ethic of politics in the column and book called Faithful Citizenship, it feels, frankly, bizarre to have to choose a candidate for president now that the election is upon us. But when I go into the early voting booth this week in Texas, despite the [Read More…]