Mary’s Rebirth


On one seemingly ordinary day over 2000 years ago, a seemingly ordinary girl had an extraordinary rebirth. Mary abruptly experienced the presence of an angel named Gabriel, who told her she would conceive and give birth to a son she was to name Jesus, who would be given the throne of David, king of Israel, [Read More...]

Promises, Promises

What’s a promise worth, any more? Surely one of the most peculiar phenomena in America’s peculiar politics has been Grover Norquist’s no-tax-increase pledge.  It was signed solemnly by countless Republican politicians over the last couple of decades.  But it was a scruple disconnected from any real consequence.  It’s sort of like a public declaration that [Read More...]

The Flow: A Meditation

  One day, several years ago, I took our dog Kai for a walk.  Just outside our home in Mill Valley, California, next to our steep driveway, was a flume where water ran in the rainy season.  Halfway down the driveway, Kai stopped, fascinated by a little waterfall in the flume. The water poured, steady, smooth, and shining, [Read More...]