I Am

I am, said God to Moses from the burning bush. Before Abraham was, I am… I am the light of the world… I am the way… I am the door… I am the vine… Said Jesus, who held up bread and said it was his body, and wine, and said it was his blood. And [Read More...]

Musing on God

God is all without being any thing while being the all in every thing. God is the perhaps at the edge of every moment of choosing. God does nothing but nothing does without God. God is the freedom to do and the urge to act. God does not exist because God is existence. God is [Read More...]

Substitutionary Sniffles

Before Jesus died for my sins, Did he catch cold for them, too? Did he sniffle for my pettiness? Did he cough for my pride? Did he sneeze for my anger? When Jesus stubbed his toe, Who was forgiven, and for what? When he scraped his knee, Whose load of guilt was lifted? When he [Read More...]