Practicing Mindfulness This Passion Week

(This was the sermon I preached on Palm Sunday at First Congregational Church, Long Beach CA.) Today we take a donkey ride into Jerusalem with Jesus.  We’re bumping along the rocky road into Passion Week, with a rabble roused by Rabbi Jesus cheering us on.  Life’s going to deal with death, and death is going to deal with [Read More…]

Mindful Prayer: Listening vs. Talking

I went to an evangelical Christian prayer service recently. One after another person spoke to God in earnest, humble tones.  They alternated between supplication and praise and a sort of commentary.  Their words were directed at least as much to each other as they were to a supernatural supreme being.  They were sharing opinions and [Read More…]

Voting: A Call to Action for Congregations

Voting is liturgical. It’s a ritual expression of love for others when we vote for candidates and for ballot propositions that help to assure the welfare of our vulnerable fellow citizens. [Read more…]