The Cross, Part 4: The Views of Calvin, Arminius, and Aslan Described Somewhat Snarkily


One of the issues facing our understanding of the crucifixion event centers on who to blame for the wickedness on display.  One popular view is presented by people called “Calvinists” who tend to emphasize the sovereignty or power of God, and the depravity or wickedness of humanity.  Calvinists are followers of a famous 16th century reformer [Read More...]

The Cross, Part 3: Was Job Right in Declaring God Unfair?


If Job was right in that he didn’t deserve all the horrible things that happened to him, then why did Job suffer? [Read more...]

The Cross, Part 2: The God Who Sends Tornados and Fails to Protect Soldiers


NOTE: In my first post on the Cross, I mentioned that people who face suffering attempt to draw a picture of God on a connect-the-dot page with no numbers, just words like sin, love, grace, justice…. Unfortunately, it’s never quite right. God comes across either all-powerful and uncaring, or all-loving and impotent.  This is the problem [Read More...]