About Kyle Herron

Rev. Kyle Herron is a public educator and an ordained pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

A Different Kind of Christmas

The Christian liturgical year ended appropriately with Matthew 25. In this passage known as the “Judgment of the Nations” Jesus declares the criteria for separating the sheep from the goats. Curiously (or not), they have nothing to do with whom one marries, the music one listens to, the company one keeps, or the dogma one [Read More…]

If the Church Were Christian

It’s one thing to affirm what the church, or an individual, believes. It’s quite another to have to answer the question, “What does that belief look like?” Another must-read book for your summer reading list… [Read more…]

The Appointment

I was guilty of my own pet peeve a few days ago. I canceled dinner plans with a friend via text message. Living in an iPhone world has made it quite easy and, for better or worse, acceptable to change or cancel the appointments we make with others with little notice. Overbooking, better offers, traffic, [Read More…]