About Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne is the co-founder of The Simple Way (www.thesimpleway.org), and is a bestselling author, prominent Christian activist, sought-after speaker and recovering sinner.

Bombing Hospitals

On October 3, the US Air Force bombed a hospital operated by Doctors Without Borders in the Northern Afghanistan town of Kunduz.  Many of us watched as the official response of US officials changed and evolved nearly every hour, at first distancing itself from any responsibility, then claiming the hospital was used by militants, then [Read More…]

Why Philly is the Perfect Place for the Pope to Denounce the Death Penalty

I guess there is no bad place to call for an end to execution. But Philadelphia, the City of Love, is a really divine place for his Holiness to denounce death. Just this year, Governor Tom Wolf announced a halt on all executions in Pennsylvania, citing deep concerns about errors and biases inherent in the [Read More…]

What Do I Do With My Confederate Flag?

By Shane Claiborne.   I own a Confederate flag. I grew up in East Tennessee, and the Confederate flag branded everything we looked at in our high school – even the cheerleaders had “butt-flags” that flapped over the back of their mini-skirts at football games.  We were the Maryville High School “Rebels”. Growing up, the [Read More…]