Death Row Inmates Invite Tennessee Governor to Pray with Them

This past Thursday, the men on Tennessee’s death row, four of whom have scheduled execution dates in the near future, invited Governor Haslam, the man who signs the death warrants to join them for prayer. The backdrop for the story is that Tennessee has more executions scheduled in a year than the state has killed [Read More…]

The First Year of the Pope’s Revolution

A year ago — March 13, 2013 – Pope Francis officially became Pope. Since then he has fascinated the world.  He didn’t don the snazzy red shoes and fancy papal attire. He chose a humble apartment rather than the posh papal palace. He washed the feet of women in prison.  He touched folks that others [Read More…]

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day. As much as I like the chocolate — and hope my wife gets me some today (fair-trade organic chocolate, of course) — Valentine’s Day wasn’t always about chocolate, hearts, and roses. He was a priest in Rome  in the 3rd century — who was brutally executed. Valentine was known for assisting [Read More…]