Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Went to Church and Then Shot Guns

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, best known for giving up custody of her son to her mother and repeatedly getting arrested, has a new boyfriend who took her to church. He then took her to shoot guns. Jenelle, I understand that church and guns make you feel more Southern somehow, but I’m from the same state as you (North Carolina represent!) and am a Jewish pacifist, so I think your Southernitude is really more of a state of mind thing.

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  • I wonder how much this is really a “southern” thing or “dating a Marine” thing. My brother, a Marine, shoots off guns every Sunday after mass…and you’d be hard pressed to call him a southern thing (as evidenced by the fact he goes to Mass and has no accent).

  • Dalaurya

    I’m fairly certain this is a conservative, Gingrich-loving, Christian after-church activity, specifically.