Wil Wheaton Says Kardashians Are Worse Than Hitler

In our culture, there’s one quick and efficient way to emphasize that something or someone is horrible: compare them to Hitler. Geek pinup Wil Wheaton, whom I normally find hilarious, was on The Graham Norton Show on BBC America and went off on a rant about the Kardashians, saying, “The Kardashians, to me, are more depressing than Hitler.”


Wil’s not completely wrong: the Kardashians are ridiculous and famous for doing nothing, and that is depressing for people who actually work to create meaningful art and don’t get rewarded for it. But more depressing than a dude who is responsible for murdering millions of people? Not quite.

Here’s a new year’s resolution for me and the entire rest of the world: find some way to express horribleness without making a Hitler/Nazi reference. And while we’re at it, quit it with everything being amazing, okay?

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