Ali Landry Met Her Husband In a Religion Class

Ali Landry Met Her Husband In a Religion Class March 16, 2012

It’s pretty common for celebrities to meet their spouses in acting class, but actress and onetime Miss USA Ali Landry (who will always be the Doritos Girl to me) met her husband in a theology class.

She told People magazine that after her disastrous marriage to Mario Lopez, which was annulled because he cheated during their honeymoon, she had a crisis of faith and began learning more about Catholicism, the religion she had been raised with. In one of her classes, she met director Alejandro Monteverde, who is now her husband. As proof that their commitment was real, the couple chose to abstain from sex until they were married. They now have two children, and Ali seems a million times cooler than Mario Lopez.

Ali’s marriage wasn’t the only way that she expressed her Catholic faith. She was one of the celebrities who appeared on a Catholic-themed TV show called Rosary Stars, which featured stars talking about their faith and the meaning of prayer.

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