When Mad Men Met Manischewitz

Okay, that’s it. If Mad Men keeps getting Jewy I am going to have to come up with some kind of cute name for a feature here, because I am seriously writing about the show every week.

This week in Mad Men Jewiness: Roger tried to sign an account from a Jewish-owned wine company who is trying to go mainstream. That wine company would be Manischewitz, and Roger enlists the help of the two Jews he knows: his soon-to-be-ex-wife Jane (to come to the client dinner) and copywriter Michael Ginsburg (to pitch some ideas).

It turns out that the owners of the company, the Rosenbergs, have a super hot young son name Bernie who also owns a yacht and gives Jane moon eyes during dinner. (His best line: “My dad doesn’t like boats because the last time he was in one he was in steerage.”) If you watched the first season of Mad Men, you might remember the lovely Rachel, who was running her dad’s department store and had an affair with Don. As much fun as her fling with Don was, he wasn’t Jewish, and he was still married to Betty, so they fizzled out. The next time we saw Rachel, she looked good and was with her attractive Jewish husband. Does this mean Jane’s character might have a similar arc – experiment with your goyishe ad man, but end up with your nice Jewish boy? Because if she doesn’t want Bernie, he should call me.


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