So, Paris Hilton Is In Mecca Right Now

Mecca is the holiest city in Islam, so it makes total sense that Paris Hilton would go there. Or not.

Although Mecca is a sacred, it’s also a place where people live, work, and shop. There’s a mall there, Makkah Mall, that is right next to the Grand Mosque. It houses everything from a Children’s Place to a Burger King, but when Paris Hilton announced that she was opening one of her handbag stores there, people went crazy. Some called for a ban, saying that Hilton’s connections to drugs and porn made her an unsuitable role model and someone who didn’t belong in a holy city.

While Paris’ store might seem out of place in Mecca, it’s not out of place in the Makkah Mall. The mall is in the midst of a big expansion, and they’ve just added stores like Naturalizer, the U.S. Polo Association shop, and Lola Retail. It’s possible that some of these chains are also associated with unsavory characters – the difference is that they’re not as famous as Paris.

Now that I’ve said something that’s almost a defense of Paris freaking Hilton, I’ll see myself out.

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  • Landorix

    So non-Mohammedans are allowed into Makka now?