Dear Brett Ratner, You Cannot Just Go Around Putting Mezzuzahs on Peoples’ Doors

Director and producer Brett Ratner, who has made movies like the Rush Hour franchise and X Men: The Last Stand, is apparently not satisfied with the level of Jewishness in Hollywood. (No one has ever had that sentiment before, btw.) The Hollywood Reporter, er, reports that Ratner was going to a meeting at the United Talent Agency offices in Los Angeles when he randomly started putting mezzuzahs on the doors of two agents, the possibly-Jewish-sounding Blair Kohan and Jeremy Zimmer. Mezzuzahs are small wooden or metal cases that contain parchments with a Jewish prayer on them. They’re usually affixed to door frames so that observant Jews can kiss/touch them before entering or leaving a room.

Ratner is Jewish and, as THR points out, a former yeshiva boy. My personal favorite description of his Jewishness, though, comes from his IMDB page: “Ratner grew up in Miami Beach, the only child of a famous Jewish socialite mother.” Well, maybe the Mezzuzahbombing is an old Miami tradition I just don’t know about?

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