TLC’s New Reality Show ‘The Sisterhood’ Is Like ‘Real Housewives’ With Pastors’ Wives

TLC really loves its reality shows about religious groups – they already produce Sister Wives and 19 Kids and Counting, both of which I enjoy covering exhaustively. They also produced the controversial-yet-extremely-boring Muslim in America, which got cancelled more because of the boredom than the controversy. Next up: a show called The Sisterhood, which is about a group of pastors’ wives in Atlanta. The show premieres January 1.

The concept of the show seems to be The Real Preacherwives. There’s some drama, although they’re yelling about Satan instead of calling each other sluts. The women also talk about how their lives aren’t all purity and innocence – one shows off a pair of handcuffs and says that she and her husband have a great sex life; another says that before turning her life around she was a drug user. “If you knew who we truly are,” one of the wives says in the promo, “you’d be shocked.”

TLC briefly describes the cast members:

We’ll meet Domonoque, a bold, brash preacher’s wife with a past; Ivy, a former member of the girl group Xscape; Christina, a sassy mother of two; Tara, a recent Los Angeles transplant struggling to find her way; and DeLana, a first ladies who’s equal parts doting mother and outrageous rock star.

How long before there’s a Real Housewives of Atlanta cross-channel promotional episode? Atlanta Housewife Kandi Burruss was also in Xscape so it’s totally possible that she and Ivy already know each other. Bring it on!

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  • This is alarming. I’m not sure if this says more about the negative state of affairs of the culture and entertainment, or the church. At any rate, I couldn’t disagree more on All-American Muslim (if that’s the one you reference from TLC). That program was deeply moving and instructive in light of America’s post-9/11 struggles with pluralism, Islamophobia, and intereligious engagement.

  • Perpetua

    Apparently these “ladies”, and I do use the term loosely, have never read the most basic Scriptural commands about modesty, discretion, and the worthlessness of physical beauty in contrast with the importance of character. This show serves to do nothing more than highlight the near total disregard for Holy Scripture by those claiming the name of Christ.

  • Who remembers when TLC was The LEARNING Channel? Now all we get are shows about the Spawn of the Duggers, Kate Plus Her Brood of Hellions and other crap.

  • Mommax5

    I thought this show would be about Christians, living a life as such. This show is pretty disturbing. Watching this father put a condom on a bananna with his two teenage daughters is totally gross. Watching these women bickering, and arguing over scripture is sad. Thumbs down to this trash, definetely turning the channel on this one. Where is The Duggars’, that is good Christian entertainment.

  • muscleinabmw

    THE DEVIL GETS THE GLORY IN THIS SHOW…this is pure trash….garbage……shame on TLC

  • I just watched this show at the behest (LOL Tara) of a friend, I’m glad I did. This show, to those who are open, will offer and enlightening view into the lives of Christian women who are charged with leading other Christian women in the way of the Lord.

    My initial thought: It will do more harm than good to the Kingdom!

    My Lasting Impression after episode 1: This show, if it is allowed to continue, will do more to show Christians what they look like to outsiders (not a pretty view), then it will actually bring anyone to Christ. The first episode has a pastor telling his congregation they can still “do their thang and be christian”…..WOW! While there is a lot of truth there, I think he should be more focused on telling them how doing there thang will keep them from the true essence of who God called them to be while also aiding and abetting the enemy in his effort to keep people AWAY from the kingdom of God. He also turned around and told his daughters he would take them to buy condoms…WOW again (his daughters are a riot, the one who wants to preach may keep me glued moreso than her father)!

    I love Domonique, she will definitely have me watching this show if she is the only reason I can stomach it! Domonique is real and I want her to focus on a deliverance ministry. I think this show will help open doors for her as she opens up about her past. Dominique if you ever read this, look up Anneshia Freeman from Detroit, MI. That is a powerful woman of God who has been where you were and is now where you would like to be ministry wise. Stop looking to lead an entire church and go where God leads you, envy doesn’t look good on you…let it go!

    Tara and her “jewish husband” are a walking contradiction. Double minded at its best. I’ve never seen jewish in a race or ethnicity section of any legal documents. Saying that you are “jewish and black” is like saying you are Christian and White….it makes no sense and only works to add confusion and separation ..STOP THE MADNESS PLEASE! Tara, honey leave the word of God some room to breathe. Ivy was trying to do you a favor, you don’t have to scripturalize every conversation, that’s a turn off that comes across as a way for shallow people to sound important. Sweetie even the devil knows the word. People don’t want to know how much scripture you know until they know how much of Jesus’s heart you have. He was more of the show me better than you can tell me type…..STUDY THAT! I saw the preview for the upcoming christian bar mitzvah…..again….double minded!

    Ivy didn’t really catch my attention other than her correcting Tara, that may be a good thing….no wait!

    Ivy, as a Christian leader you may want to tone down the sexual overtones. Some things should be kept private sweetie, there will definitely be church freaks after your husband now and you opened the door wide for that one.

    until next week……….

    LaKiesha Allen


    Someone needs to tell them to seek Abba and his son. They need him to heal them and hug them and restore them and to cry on his shoulder to ask for help and healing. To focus so much on him to direct their path. To rest in his care until he brings them out on the other side. Let us pray for them and ourselves to seek him. Redemption is a process – let us not get off the potters wheel too quickly