Josh and Anna Duggar Are Having Another Boy

Josh and Anna Duggar recently announced that a) they’re expecting another kid this summer and b) they’re moving to DC so Josh can take a job in politics. Now, we can update you on item A: the baby is going to be a boy. That will bring their total to one girl and two boys, and it also probably means that poor Mackynzie will be in charge of raising her two kid brothers buddy-system-style once the family starts to get bigger.

As for the little guy, who is due at the beginning of June, his name will start with the letter M as per family tradition (his big bro is Michael). How about Mitt, since the family stumped for Mitt Romney? Or maybe Matthew? Marvin? Malarkey? Michelob Light? I feel so sorry for whichever Duggar sibling is stuck with a less-desirable letter of the alphabet and is stuck choosing Q names for their kids.

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  • A tolerant American

    I always wonder where the “tolerance” factor is for someone who doesn’t measure up to your own view about how life should be lived?
    What harm are they doing? They are not breaking the law. They take no government funds. They make less than the average persons carbon footprint buying most things used already and living in smaller houses than the normal family, even with the parent’s huge 7,000 sq ft house it is far less than the average 2 children per family home. They give back to the community, they travel to other countries and help them rebuild after mudslides etc.
    If someone else, who is free to start a business in America, wants to hire Josh, without the education you think he needs, it is his right to do that. If Josh thinks that he can do “some good” in this world, in his own way and does not break the law, why can’t he do that, and why can’t the business who wants him to work for them do that? It is still America the last time I looked.
    Where is the tolerance for these people. Where is the diversity? If we all lived the way you want us to, where would the diversity be? America is unity IN diversity. That is the beauty of this country. It is not a robotic, dictatorship without the ability for one to think on their own. I feel sorry for you that they bother you so much. I think you need to find a job that promotes some good cause that helps others think well of their fellow man and fellow citizen of this great country. We need each other.