Benedict Cumberbatch Used to ‘Expose Himself’ in Front of Churches

Benedict Cumberbatch sure knows how to spice up an evening. The star of Star Trek and Sherlock (related: when is a new season airing? It has been forevvvvvver) says that he went through a church-flashing phase while on a childhood summer trip to Greece:

“I used to expose myself in front of religious places. I was a very hot, bored boy and was surrounded by people who were older than me who were goading me. So when they got bored or the football went through a stain-glassed window — not to be returned — they’d always get me to do pranks. So one day they said, ‘Go on, go on, go on. Pull your pants down!’ Of course I did.”

Before his acting career took off, Cumberbatch also spent two years teaching English at a Tibetan monastery.

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  • michelle

    Fascinating that Cumberbatch has those very different sides to him…also the experiences in South Africa and Nepal on that link, sound pretty harrowing. I admire his talent and his humility about fame–just wish he’d been given a more imaginative role to play in the latest Trek film.