Is Mariah from ‘Sister Wives’ Getting Free College Tuition in Exchange for TV Mentions?

Update (9/5/2013): The person who tweeted the rumor about Mariah’s tuition being comped contacted Faith Goes Pop and asked us to remove the tweet from this post. The tweeter wrote, “Mariah is a nice girl. I do not want to make her life harder because of a inaccurate and inappropriate rumor being spread.” The tweet has been deleted from his/her account and also from this post.

On this season of Sister Wives, we’re getting lots of contrast between the way Mariah Brown (oldest daughter, only child of first wife Meri Brown) gets treated compared to the way the other Brown kids get treated. While most of the Brown kids have been choosing to go to state schools in order to save money for their siblings, spoiled Mariah got to attend her top choice, Westminster College in Salt Lake City, even though it was way pricier than UNLV.

Now, a Westminster student is claiming on Twitter that Mariah’s tuition was comped in exchange for free publicity.

If this allegation is true, it’s incredibly sketchy – and possibly illegal.

The Sister Wives episode where Meri, Mariah, and dad Kody Brown visited Westminster did have a product-placement feel to it. The school was mentioned repeatedly on camera by name, and all three of them wore Westminster clothing in the episode. It’s likely that the school offered a free place to stay during the campus visit or maybe some free food, but I’m pretty sure you can’t offer to waive tuition in exchange for free PR on a reality show. Or maybe since they’re private, they can get away with it?

Either way, let’s just hope this is a dorm rumor. Because if I were stuck paying expensive private university tuition while my roommate got a free ride because her parents have a reality show, I’d be pissed.

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  • Michelle M

    I don’t see what the big deal is. The Browns are doing publicity for the university, therefore they should get paid for it. Just like anyone doing publicity for a company should be compensated. Do a job, get paid. And the way they’ve chosen to get paid is to have the tuition covered. The fact that they are attached to a reality show is irrelevant.

  • August Brill

    she is the only person ever to rank westminister over unlv in every category

    • Patricia

      She is a spoiled brat just like her Mother. The bigger house, the wet bar and on and on it goes. Whose house has the in ground pool? They will all declare bankruptcy again if this show is cancelled. Janelle is the only sane wife, she needs to run as far as she can from this train wreck.

      • dj j

        I couldn’t believe the last episode where they had the family meeting, and then Mariah put on the waterworks, saying she wanted to be with “her people”. and her mom said she wouldn’t give up on her dream, yet they didn’t ask her to work harder or anything. Then Kody mentioned that Meri should pay more..and she wasn’t having any of it. Why should’t she pay for her daugher? She milks that “only child” thing way too much..and then when given the opportunity to have a child she puts it off.till you know she is too old…then she makes Kody make the decision, and of course he says no, and then she gets mad at him She is so passive aggressive it drives me crazy. And then Kody cant figure out why the women don’t want to be around each other…because Meri’s greed and entitlement breeds resentment. I can’t stand her

        • Christi

          Just thought I would mention – it was interesting that Robyn said only one girl came to her graduation party even though no one else knew that her family were polygamists – shows what all of her peers thought of her – she can still clear out a crowd today with her self righteous attitudes!

      • Christi

        Perfectly said!

    • Christi

      True! All of my kids have gone to colleges in Utah, and I have never even heard of Westminister!

      • a_ut

        it’s like 5 blocks from the U…Or perhaps your kids went somewhere like USU or snow?

  • committedchristian

    She’s spoiled. She probably threw a fit about being an only and how the other families get more of an education budget and daddy and momma caved. I had to stop watching this show because of the blatant commercialism and greed this family displays.

  • smartypants

    she’s spoiled and that’s all there is to it

  • justsayin

    Why doesn’t Meri add any “ing” s to the end of her words? Once I noticed it, I can’t help noticing it all the time. She says “wonderin” “thinkin” “shoppin” and on and on, it’s annoying. I wish she would stop her continual whining and where are the damn tissues when each one of them cries? They always use their hands.

  • dj j

    this happens all the time. They are giving free publicity. She should get free tuition because it is a private school, they can do whatever they want. I hope they give it to her, because I would hate to see long suffering Janelle have to work harder to pay for this spoiled brat

  • Christi

    I can’t stand to watch Meri or Mariah anymore – Meri has such a huge sense of entitlement and constantly over spends regardless of if she really needs something or not – it was obvious that the realtor was annoyed with her and got a little sense of joy in telling Meri she wouldn’t be in by Christmas. Mariah is taking on this same sense of entitlement she see’s her mother get away with. Just now, I am watching Meri have a meltdown because she can’t see her child walk into the graduation hall. I’m sure once this evening is over, Kody is running to one of his other wives homes in hopes of getting away from Meri.

    • Tweetie

      ITA Meri & Mariah are so annoying. Real sense of entitlement!! And wasn’t Mariah having academic problems in high school? Not sure, but I thought so. I don’t believe this medical school business in any case. The Browns keep complaining about $$$$, then they build all these hug expensive homes, they are now planning yet another party where the cost of the venue alone is 10,000 K plus, and Westminister tuition for Mariah who is what….. Too good reality for a state school? And all her and Meri’s whining!! This is just too much to watch. They both seem so out of touch with reality, and super selfish!! How do the other wives and kids stand those two? The other blonde girl who is graduating, Aspen? ( Christine’s daughter?) Is so much sweeter and less bratty than Mariah. Mariah needs a kick in the butt just like her mom! I’m so sick of Meris gloom and doom and crying all the time. Go to a doctor and get on some medication, PLEASE!!! Hormones, antidepressants or both! You two should be ashamed of your greed and selfishness. It’s really appalling to watch. And where is your celebration of your religion? I don’t see this family pray, go to any services’ even talk about scripture. THIS is a religion? Really?

  • Christi

    P.S. I am SOOOO sick of hearing Meri talk about having another baby – why would she at this point in time – it’s a ridiculous story line – move on.

  • Loulou

    I have been watching this show since day one. The one thing that stickers out all the time is Robyn and Jannell are quite about things. Mary is always crying or mad are sad are unhappy. Nothing seems to ever please her. We’ll it is no ones fault that she only has one child of her own but the others are hers too. Her house had to be soooooooo big and she wanted more than most of the others. She would say I should have just as much as the others. This is some what true but have in your heart that if you sacrifice for the greater good of the family. You would be twice blessed. Mary must watch and see this for herself.

    • Tweetie

      Yes this thing about only having one child? Listen here, that’s all I was able to have, and I thank God for ithat child every day, he is a gift! Meri, Meri, what about all the women who could never haven ANY children! You are so out of line and ungrateful!! Stop this behavior, it is rude and annoying, and selfish and so negative. AND worst of all, your negative, self entitled attitudes have so rubbed off on Mariah. It is really hard to watch you two- out of all of the people in the Brown family. Read these comments!
      So unfair to everyone else, really! One thing I want to say to Kody….. “Love should be multiplied, not divided?” It is multiplied- For YOU x 4! And it is divided for the Brown wives, by 4! So lose that little slogan, please. Things ARE NOT equal.

  • CommonSense

    I agree with everyone. I like them all but Meri is the one who gets on my nerves the most. She seems very greedy and selfish. She is always upset and crying and seems to have recruited Robyn to be her cheerleader and support what she wants when it comes to Kody. She doesn’t seem to ever want to sacrifice anything especially when it comes to money. I feel badly for Janelle as well because she is always trying to be smart about things. Everyone seems to give and take except for Meri, seems like all she does is take and cry.