Vanna White’s Son Is a Hare Krishna Now

Vanna White’s Son Is a Hare Krishna Now September 4, 2013

Vanna White, known for her years of turning letters around on Wheel of Fortune, is reportedly “devastated” that her 19-year-old son Nicholas Santo Pietro has become a member of the Hare Krishnas.

The National Enquirer reports that Vanna’s son, who goes by the nickname Nikko (that’s a younger version of him with Mom when she got her Walk of Fame star), got involved in the religion while a student at the University of Arizona. A

ccording to the magazine, Nikko has become devoted to a Liberia-born Hare Krishna leader and has been asking his parents (Vanna and her ex-husband, George Santo Pietro) for money. “She doesn’t know what to do because she doesn’t want to lose Nikko to this religious cult,” the Enquirer quotes a friend of Vanna’s. They also call the Krishnas a cult and accuse them of “brainwashing” members and stealing all their money.

Or, you know, maybe all that happened was that Nikko hit up a couple Hare Krishna meetings in order to get the free vegetarian dinner. Plenty a broke college student has done it before.

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  • Agni Ashwin


  • jpquest

    When reading the full National Enquirer article, it sounds more like Nikko and the Krishna are more gay than cultists.

  • John Nikson

    what a crap these words are ,, does any one consider it as article to read ? lol..
    asking money for charity or any religious org is not bad,, but pointing out for single religion is shit faced dude do,, look at church ,, its history is based on hate n crusades massacre n converts,, even now in every church they do ask for donations,,
    if you hate some religions,, dont make carp agin

  • ve6

    an article gets the comments it deserves

  • menwithbreastcancer

    This story is baseless. How do I know? Because it was published by National Inquirer – a tabloid. You know what is a tabloid? Lies and fabrication. If you want to read the real scoop on the story, check out my article: