Mormons in the National Jukebox

From NPR:[Yesterday] the Library of Congress and Sony Music Entertainment announced the launch of what's being billed as "the largest collection of historical recordings ever made publicly available online."The new website provides access to more than 10-thousand historical recordings for free on a streaming-only basis – no downloads. It covers the first quarter of the twentieth century and includes music, poetry, political speeches and other spoken word recordings. Right now, it only i … [Read more...]

NPR’s First Listen: Cast Recording, ‘The Book Of Mormon’

I've only had the time to hear the first song, "Hello," which has been streaming online for a few weeks now. Yesterday NPR put a full cast recording up on their site with a warning:Advisory: Language on this recording may not be appropriate for all listeners.Interested in your reactions to the songs.   … [Read more...]

One Mormon’s reaction to the death of Osama bin Laden

Even my post title is loaded.By referring to the situation as "the death of," I cast a judgment. I didn't call it "the murder of" or the "slaughter of" or the "unfortunate demise of." (I made the mistake last night of clicking a link containing an image of his body on a foreign website. What word to use?) I had to call it something, just to get my thoughts out. Blog posts have titles and "death" is the word I went with. I guess its ambivalence reflects my feelings right now.I suppose the … [Read more...]

Mormon Birthers Holler Back!

After several years of silliness the President has released his long form birth certificate, putting to rest (but probably not really, as today's poll suggests) the rumors that he was not born a US citizen and thus is not eligible for the office of President. I've been fortunate enough not to know any birthers personally, but I'm curious if anyone reading this post had to deal with any. Meantime, enjoy my Matsby-esque MSPaint tribute to the death of a conspiracy movement. … [Read more...]

Exclusive newly discovered primary source depicts the difficulty of establishing “Mormon doctrine”

An interesting and newly discovered primary source on Mormonism has fallen into the hands of the bloggers here at FPR,and I was duly selected to analyze it for publication. A rare document like this might rightfully belong in the Journal of Mormon History, or perhaps BYU Studies, which occasionally publishes interesting newly discovered documents. Nevertheless, the rise of popularity regarding the Bloggernacle and the intense competition amongst various blogs to provide the best and most … [Read more...]

Early Mormon Responses to the BoM Musical

The "early" in this post title is intended to modify the word "responses," not "Mormon." I apologize to anyone who saw the post title and mistakenly thought I had discovered some sort of prophetic statement from the olden days regarding the new musical.I've been watching the various reviews and responses to the new Book of Mormon Musical with interest. I enjoyed Ken Jennings's "to each his own" response, which interestingly compared the structure of the musical's plot to the Book of Mormon in … [Read more...]

Earth to Elna Baker: God doesn’t live on Kolob

Don't get me wrong, I actually personally want to see the new Broadway musical The Book of Mormon. And I admit this is a super nit-picky observation, but I've seen multiple Mormons mention the Kolob joke when they talk about how great the new musical is/will be. The latest was Elna Baker, the funny Mormon author of The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance. Here's part of her reaction to the new musical from an NPR story: "There's a line where they say, 'I believe that God lives on a … [Read more...]

Living with a “vastly increased awareness of global suffering”

I witnessed suffering this week. You did too. I didn't witness it in person, and not even as graphically as a better view might have afforded. Someone in Japan filmed their chilling sight of an earthquake-instigated tsunami taking over the city of Kesennuma in slightly over six minutes.In a FAIR Podcast episode with John Durham Peters last year we discussed the communal opportunities afforded to Church members by General Conference broadcasts. Peters, a professor of communications studies at … [Read more...]