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“Are Mormons Christians?”: A Blog Round Table (Updated)

Author's Note: This post is cross-posted at Approaching Justice.Are Mormons Christians?For most Mormons, the answer to this question is obvious. Yes, yes they are. They believe in Jesus Christ. This settles it for themFor people from other religious perspectives, the answer is obvious but in the negative. Mormons are not Christians. The reasons for this response is varied.For some, few answers are obvious. Instead, this question is more one of inquiry. For me, the question … [Read more...]

Martin Luther King Jr. Honored & Celebrated at BYU [UPDATED]

Author's Note: I have updated this post to include quotes from Margaret Young of BYU and I have corrected the identification of the keynote speaker (1/23/13 4:50 Mountain Time).The Brigham Young University campus honored Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday in a variety of campus activities.With classes cancelled for the national holiday, students participated in service activities during the day in and around the Wilkinson Students Center. The activities ranged from making quilts and toys to … [Read more...]

A Big Step Towards Equality for Woman…In The Military.

Out-going Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has lifted the ban on women serving in combat roles within the armed forces. This is a sweeping and striking move towards gender equality. The significant impact of such a decision will have ramification far beyond the Department of Defense. Within the military, access to combat roles will allow for more women to move up to the highest ranks. There have been female generals and admirals already. That is true. However, … [Read more...]

The Prayer of Myrlie Evers-Williams

I wrote last week about the historical significance of Myrlie Ever-Williams delivering the invocation at President Obama's Second Inauguration. In our open thread, I mentioned loving it.Here it is: America, we are here, our nation’s Capitol on this January the 21st 2013, the inauguration of our 45th [editor’s note, should be 44th] president Barack Obama. We come at this time to ask blessings upon our leaders, the president, vice president, members of Congress, all elected and appointed off … [Read more...]


I originally wrote the following for BCC back on January 18, 2010.Martin Luther King Jr. is one of my very favorite figures in the history of American politics and social thought. I have always had a special respect for the civil rights movement, even during my days as a conservative. But King himself holds a special place in my thinking today. I think this is largely because King represented a form of left- leaning liberalism that died in American politics when he died in Memphis.Some of … [Read more...]

“Bless us with the humility to accept logic and evidence.” An Inaugural Prayer from Germany. #myinauguralprayer

Our next installment in our inaugural prayer series comes from Hellmut Lotz. He is a political scientist and campaign consultant living in Germany.  He also lived in Utah and Maryland for a total of 17 years.Here is Hellmut's prayer for today's Inauguration: Bless us with the humility to accept logic and evidence.Bless us with the generosity to cooperate with one another.Bless us with the courage to defend the rights of the few and the unpopular.And bless us with the charity to … [Read more...]

Inauguration Open Thread/Live Blog

UPDATE: Let's get started! Comments and thoughts will be shared in the comment section below. All perspectives are welcome. Disagreement ail happen and that is good. Standard rules about language and rudeness apply.Having written a bit about the inaugural prayers, I am looking forward to the the actually show on Monday.Join me here for an open thread discussion of the ceremonies.I will be joined by Dwight Welch, and United Church of Christ Minister from Sheridan, WY. I will also be … [Read more...]

A Theory of Justice: The Musical!

I have not seen The Book of Mormon: The Musical. To be honest, I have not seen any musicals that are not at a local high school or community college. Often while wondering about musicals about sacred texts, I have wondered a few times about the possibilities of a musical version of my favorite book...the book that is the focus of my academic work....the book which changed my life. As it turns out, that musical is already in production and will be opening in Oxford, England … [Read more...]