“We come before thee at a very important time…” An Inaugural Prayer from an Engineer. #myinauguralprayer

The first prayer in our inaugural prayer series comes from Eric Nielson. Eric is an mechanical engineer and he lives in the Midwest. I want to thank him for not only getting us started, but also for writing a thoughtful prayer.He is introduces himself as follows:My name is Eric Nielson. I am a lifelong faithful Latter-day Saint. My political views are quite conservative and I would consider myself far right. Yet, I am not confident that my political views are the best for society as a … [Read more...]

CFP: Call for Prayers–Share with us your Inaugural Prayer #myinauguralprayer

With all of the focus on the inaugural prayers, I wanted to invite all of you to consider what you might say if you were an inaugural prayer speaker.I would also invite you to share your prayer with us here at Faith-Promoting Rumor and Patheos.Email me your prayer at chrishenrichsen@me.com. I will start sharing the prayers as they start coming in and through Inauguration Day on Monday.We want prayers from those of all faiths and religions. Non-believers are welcome as well. We … [Read more...]

@askmormongirl Joanna Brooks should say the Inaugural Benediction.

The invocation at President Obama's Second Inauguration will be delivered by civil rights hero Myrlie Eger-Williams.The benediction is going to be offered by...well...we do not know, yet. Rev. Louie Giglio was scheduled to deliver the benediction, but because of controversy of his past comments about homosexuality he withdrew from the program.This has raised some important questions:1. Is the large segment of society which believes that homosexuality is a sin being ostracized from … [Read more...]

Faith as a Relationship

I recently heard somebody refer to faith as a verb. While many verbs are involved in faith, I would say that faith is itself not a verb, but it is a noun.Faith in Jesus Christ is not believing in Christ. Having faith in Christ is having a relationship with Him. A relationship is a noun. What then does this thing involve? That is a more complex issue.What does any relationship require? We could probably come up with a long list, but I will note a few that stand out to me.Trust. We must be … [Read more...]

Public Prayer: Myrlie Evers-Williams to Pray at Inauguration

The Obama inauguration team has announced that Myrlie Evers-Williams will be delivering the invocation at the public swearing-in of the President on January 21.Evers-Williams is the former chairwoman of the NAACP. She is also the widow of Medgar Evers, the civil rights leader who was gunned down in front of their home in Mississippi in 1963. (I am including a brief video of her talking about their work below).While the choice of Evers-Williams is historical because of who she is…it is a … [Read more...]

Santa as the Ghost of Christmas Present (What Santa Means to Me) 2012 Edition

Author's Note: this is a minor revision and update of a post I wrote for FPR back in 2010.I like Santa Claus. He is not real, but he has spiritual significance for me. In this way, Santa is like Job. I do not think that Job was a real person, but I do think that Job is one of of the most powerful books of the Bible. Symbolic meaning sometimes has the greatest impact.Watching A Christmas Carol (the George C. Scott version...of course), I realized that, for me, Santa Clause is the … [Read more...]

Protesting at Church

I protest at church all the time.I scoffed out loud at a hideous comment about the Connecticut shootings just last hour in Sunday School.I am wearing my University of Utah tie today.(Update: I just stomped out of priesthood over pontificating against secularism in relation to recent tragedies...by same guy I scoffed at during Sunday School.)Maybe these are more tantrums than they are protests. Y'all know me well enough.I wore my Democrat tie to church two weeks … [Read more...]

Wallace Bennett on the Role of Compromise in Government.

The June 1976 Ensign magazine has long been a favorite of mine. It deals with a number of political and social issues from a variety of LDS perspectives. One brief entry has been coming to my mind lately.Wallace F. Bennett served in the United States Senate from 1951 through 1974. My uncle served on his staff for a period of time. So I am biased in my deep respect for the Bennett family.In this issue of the Ensign, Sen. Bennett addresses the following question: What is the role of compromise … [Read more...]