Sandel’s Intro to Rawls and Distributive Justice (Video Fixed)

Rawls is not easy to understand. This is largely because of how Rawls presents his ideas, though this difficulty creates opportunities for debate within political philosophy.Below is a lecture by Harvard Government Professor Michael Sandel on Rawls and issues of wealth, inequality, and distributive justice. While I disagree with much of Sandel's academic criticism of Rawls, I think that he does an excellent job in this lecture and in his recent books looking to present the concept of justice … [Read more...]

Be Still, My Soul: Remembering Heidi and Jim at Casper College

Yesterday, Casper College held a memorial service for Jim Krumm and Heidi Arnold, the two faculty membered murdered here in Casper last Friday.This performance of "Be Still, My Soul" by the Casper College Choir will never leave me.(Thank you to K2 Radio for the video)  … [Read more...]

Rorty on Truth

I do not go as far as the late Richard Rorty when it comes to "truth." I do believe that their is such a thing as truth, I just find almost all claims to such truth to be utter rubbish. It is largely because of Rorty that I have come to this point. personally think that we are rarely interested in truth. Instead, we are merely deeply committed to defended certain narratives about "truth." Like Rorty, I feel that we are too often willing to be cruel to others in … [Read more...]

Cornel West on How Intellectuals Betrayed the Poor

I met Cornel West last year in San Francisco at the American Academy of Religion. I am looking forward to attending AAR in Chicago this weekend,Preach it, Brother West!; … [Read more...]

Letting the Nibley Family defend Nibley

I had originally intended to start a series of posts on Hugh NibleyI have been a bit busy...and I have given up on Mormon Studies. So while I will continue to find inspiration from Nibley, it will not be a focus of my writings or research. Nor will I have time to do the project justice.Do not despair! Over the last few months, the Nibley family has been bringing us some deep and personal insights into the real Hugh Nibley at the blog Hugh Nibley: off the record.My favorite post so … [Read more...]

Kristine Haglund on “The Word.”

Kristine is a my hero. I should thank Sunstone for this video. For more videos from Sunstone Symposium, check out their YouTube page. … [Read more...]

Remembering Matthew Shepard

I now live in Matthew Sheperd's hometown. He had studied at political science Casper College where I now teach.I never knew him, but I remember his death. I think about him often. I am only 11 days older than him.  Never forgot. Never again. … [Read more...]

Symbolic Pluralism

John Rawls defines pluralism as the existence of many conflicting comprehensive doctrines (religious and secular) within a society.I think my Shem (10) in this this picture is an example of what pluralism might symbolically look like. … [Read more...]