Lowered Expectations?

One meme that is constantly bandied about the bloggernacle is the idea that people leave the church because they are too black and white in their thinking. That if people could just see more shades of gray then they wouldn't be so disappointed in the shadier aspects of Mormon history. In fact, I think this view is very common amongst liberal leaning Mormons. I also think that this idea does more harm than good and ignores the issues and people it is meant to help. It is the liberal … [Read more...]

What Most Influences FPR Bloggers’ Reading of the Bible? Updated

Ken Brown at the blog C. Orthodoxy started a meme asking bloggers involved in biblical studies what are the top 5 books or scholars which have influenced them the most. Here's FPR's contribution, organized by author: … [Read more...]

Archaeology, History, and Scripture Part 3: The Historicity Question

In previous posts in this series I have danced around the historicity question. In this post I will tackle this head on. The best advice I can give believers who are beginning to judge what is historical in scripture and what is not is the following (and yes I mean to yell this). YOU ARE TOO BIASED TO BE A GOOD JUDGE OF WHAT IS HISTORICAL AND WHAT IS NOT. You would do much better to focus on finding the best historical context in which to place the events and stories found in the scriptures. … [Read more...]

A Review of Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons

What follows is my review of the film <a href="http://www.untoldstoryofblackmormons.com/"Nobody Knows, The Untold Story of Black Mormons. I have divided it into three sections. The first section, "Review," is just that, my review of the movie. I think it is important to separate reviewing the movie that was actually made, as opposed to one I expected or hoped for. The only critiques that matter are the ones in the "Review" section. The other two sections, "What I was expecting" … [Read more...]

My FPR/FMH Father’s Day

I like to think of FPR and FMH as the polar opposites of the bloggernacle. … [Read more...]

Archaeology, History, and Scripture Part 2: The Four Schools of Old Testament Historicity

In my previous post I mentioned that there are four major schools of thought when it comes to how much of the Old Testament is historical. By schools of thought I am describing approximate ranges of thought, not fixed positions. … [Read more...]

Archaeology, History, and Scripture

I've been trying to think of a way of introducing a series of posts I plan on writing. However, all of the introductions I have started writing have come off sounding incredibly stupid. So, I'll just start out by saying that I have been thinking about archaeology, history, and the scriptures and I plan on writing a few posts about it. … [Read more...]

Reading the Christmas Stories: What is biblical criticism? Part 3

Hopefully you have all done what I suggested last time and made notes on both of the nativity stories. Below are my notes (sorry for the bad formatting, Wordpress for some reason does not allow arbitrary css styles on html elements, so I just gave up and let wordpress format it as it saw fit). … [Read more...]