Presidential Failure, My Kingdom Journey to Serve in Guam

When I answered the call to train leaders in Guam this coming week, I didn’t notice the proximity to the election. I’ve been occupied the last few days preparing to serve ministry leaders in Guam. I’m flying there tomorrow so posting will likely be thin leading up to the election.

Some will applaud my absence, no doubt, as evidence continues to surface that the President is likely the one who refused to send in help to our heroic Americans on the ground. The 3 AM phone call came. Obama voted “present.” When leadership fails, real people get really hurt.

What a disaster. Few will believe me, but I would call this a disaster regardless of the party in power. But somehow I don’t see Mitt Romney messing this one up the way Obama has.  Everything rises and falls on leadership. I’ve known leaders. I’ve served alongside them and carefully studied them. President Obama is no leader. Perhaps he should have read my post: How to Avoid the Worst Nightmare of Leadership.

The key question: Will the President answer for his inaction BEFORE the election? Or will he be able to run out the clock — something he is admittedly gifted at doing.

And Now on a Happier Note

Today begins my Kingdom journey to the other side of the world where I’ll have the privilege to meet and serve dedicated leaders from Guam and the surrounding islands.  My posts have been lean the last few days as I prep for the launch of this Equip Leadership conference.

I’ll be joined by Frank and Lynda Hester from Virginia to lead six sessions on the fundamentals of leadership. We’ll be partnering with local Christian leaders who have done the hard work of logistics and planning. Ironically, the conference will be held at the largest Christian school on Guam — looking forward to connecting with those leaders there considering how I spent the last twelve years.

One thing to ask of you: can you pause for a moment and pray for travel safety, wisdom in planning, and the Spirit of God to move in spite of our many failings? Many thanks.

No way to predict how frequently I’ll be able to post updates throughout the week, but I’ll do my best as we go.

If you haven’t read my latest e-book Finding the Curve: The Secret to Explosive Personal Growth click here to see how to get a copy for free.

As to the “Kingdom Journey” tag, I just finished a terrific book by Seth Barnes entitled Kingdom Journeys: Rediscovering the Lost Spiritual Discipline. Perhaps a review will follow about this excellent and inspiring read. I’ll give away a free copy to a new e-mail subscriber in October.


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  • Jay Saldana

    I don’t have to agree with you to join in prayer that you have travel mercies and the Holy Spirit lead you to a successful meeting. I promise to give you a hard time on your return. Go with God.


  • Jennifer

    Sending prayers for travel safety, Bill.

  • Jennifer

    I can’t claim to know whether this was a cover-up or not, Bill. I do have a couple of thoughts on the matter though. First: how many intelligence e-mails does the government get each WEEK given that the United States is camped out in one way or another in many war torn and “terrorist ridden” countries? And is it your view that it is the responsibility of the government to a) act on each report as if it is absolutely true and b) use the taxpayers money to fully investigate each claim that comes forward. Because given your present economic situation (that started well before Obama) I don’t think that the United States can realistically continue ue to be such a World dominating power AND fund every foreign operation with enough money and resources to guarantee everyone’s safety. Not if you still want schools. I imagine that your government receives many, many requests for more money/security/resources. Realistically, though, your country is in a situation where judgments have to be made as to where the demand is greatest. I’m just amazed that there haven’t been more tragedies.
    Second: While many people love the United States and its citizens, many others do not. The United States is like the kid in school who loudly claims “I’m the best, biggest and strongest … And no one better stand in my way, or else!” Not everyone loves this kid. That video may not have been the only reason that this tragedy occurred, but you can bet it played a role – if only to be the match that lit the kindling.
    I think that it will be a while before all of this is sorted out. If, indeed, it was a deliberate cover-up and not just a case of Obama trying to sort through the incoming reports flying his way than I agree that the government should be held accountable. I would urge caution, though, in jumping on the Fox bandwagon and passing judgment before WE have all of the information (like Obama did?).
    We’ll undoubtedly be hoping for opposite outcomes on November 6th, Bill. So I’ll just end with my prayer that the result of the election is in the best interests of the United States and our World.