Christmas Warning: Whatever You Do, Don’t Read This

Seriously? Even after I warned you not to read this, you still kept going? I think this might fall into that infamous category: You might be addicted to reading blogs if….

It’s Christmas! Sheesh.

And here you are staring at a screen — it may be while seated comfortably ensconced in your ergonomically optimised chair at home while sipping eggnog or you may be squinting to read this on your mobile device while sipping a latte and driving while doing some last minute shopping. [Make sure you don’t go overboard with that, by the way.]

But still. It’s Christmas! Isn’t there something better for you to do?

Aren’t there, you know, real live people around somewhere that you could interact with? (Not run over, just interact.) Is there no one in need of some love and care in your world? Couldn’t you be the hands of Christ to someone right now? Or maybe you need to forgive and bring some of that peace on earth right to your own little corner of the world.

Something. Anything but this.

Maybe Just a Nibble

Well, maybe just a few inspirational Christmas stories and pictures would be OK. Just a little peek here.

And maybe this post about ascending beyond the angels in Christ by my friend Joel J. Miller. It’s inspiring. But that’s about it.

Oh, all right. One more. What Jesus Changed by J.E. Dyer. But then you’re out of here. You hear me?!

And I’m right behind you.

My youngest son got some cool monster trucks for his birthday. They need some paint and decals. Sounds like a job for — SuperDad! (I’m jotting down this abrupt post ‘cuz my cape is still thawing out.) And surely something else need assembling somewhere. And I still need to find some more batteries. And I could’ve sworn I have a wife around here somewhere in need of a hug.

So go. Calmly put down the mouse and step away from the keyboard. Go love someone for real. Be Jesus in this fallen world.

Go ahead. It’s OK. Have Merry Christmas!

We’ll leave some pixels on for you.

[This post will self-destruct as soon as you share it. And if anyone asks me, No, you didn’t read this. Wink.]

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  • momhusfam

    OK, I’m online, just enjoying a quiet cup of coffee before the action starts around here. Husband and dogs are napping and daughter hasn’t gotten up yet. Grandma is sitting in the living room totally unaware that it’s Christmas.

    I’m thinking of all the things I thank God for and it occurred to me that one of them is your ministry through this blog. I really appreciate your insights and those of your other readers. Thank you for your obedience to God’s leading and may you and your family have a very blessed Christmas.

    • Well, thank you for your kind words. And I hope the coffee was good. I even received a Christmas card from a faithful reader this year. Honored to be invited into your world. Thank you for reading along and joining in from time to time. Merry Christmas!

  • Jay Saldana

    OK, Bill, here we are again. Yes, it is quiet. Kids are running around in the snow… wrapping paper picked up,
    cup of coffee in my new mug, a copy of Mike Licona’s “The Resurrection of Jesus” next to me waiting to be read.
    Honestly, I was gonna take a nap (I lead a midnight service last night.. didn’t get to bed till two) but I HAD to check my email and there you were. Merry Christmas, Bill! May the Lord grant you much grace as I continue to demonstrate for you what Paul felt with that thorn in your side thing. And may He bless me as you continue to sharpen my old rusty blade.
    Have a God filled Day,

    • Jay,

      Glad to hear of your Christmas Eve service exploits. Hope you got some rest in at some point.

      Best of the rest of the year to you.