Campus Outreach: A Story of Abundant Faith

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to keep walking by faith when you’ve almost reached your destination. In spite of God’s previous blessings, why is it the mountain in front of us in the here and now always seems to be the biggest one we’ve ever faced?

Recently, I was privileged to share a conversation with Morgan Rogers, a young lady whose life has been transformed in the last several years by the Gospel. As a student heading out of college with a business degree, she sensed God calling her to serve with Campus Outreach.

So instead of looking for a job, she headed for one of the most fertile mission fields in the world–the college campus in America.

We talk about her story of faith, of course, and focus on why it is that even after seeing God do so much for us, we still tend to doubt that He will be there for us right here, right now.

I’ve published this conversation as a podcast at, and I invite you to take about 30 minutes to listen to her inspiring story.

She is facing a specific need this month and looking forward to seeing God provide as only He can after she stepped out before knowing how it would all turn out.

Her email, should you wish to help her complete her faith walk and be the hands and feet, the eyes and ears of Christ on the college campus is

Click the image below to take a listen.


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