About Claire Gibson

Claire Gibson is a writing living in Nashville, Tennessee. Her pieces have previously appeared in The Christian Science Monitor and The Tenesseean, and her interview with Ndume Olatushani was published by Pursuit Magazine in April 2013. She is an alumna of Teach for America and holds a degree in Political Science and Asian Studies from Furman University.

Wrongful: A Story of Injustice Overturned

  My interview with Ndume Olatushani shook my faith in our justice system. But I found that my own attitude represented a larger problem. I met Ndume Olatushani on an uncharacteristically warm day in February. He drove up in a gold sedan, rolled down the window, and invited me to get in. He needed to drive a few miles up the road and pick up some of his art that had been on display at a gallery. I could go with him. Before getting in his car, I hesitated.The man … [Read more...]