Fare Forward (www.fare-forward.com) is a quarterly Christian review of ideas and cultural commentary launched in the summer of 2012 and written and produced by young adults. As undergraduates, the editors of the journal all worked on The Dartmouth Apologia, a journal of Christian thought at Dartmouth College. The success of the Apologia and like-minded Christian journals on college campuses across the country, as well as our understanding of our cultural moment, inspired the editors to create this journal. Fare Forward is a movement as well as a journal,  drawing writers and editors from all denominations around a common creedal vision to create a network we hope will shape and create culture.

We are united by our shared theological embrace of Christian orthodoxy, rather than by agreement on concrete political questions. We are informed by the Gospel call to peace and generosity in all things and by the prophetic tradition of Christian witness. The prophetic stance emphasizes the fallenness of the world, the dignity of the individual, and the leadership of God in history, recognizing that Christianity can never make permanent alliance with any political party, movement, or ideology. In a cultural moment in which thought is increasingly linearized, Fare Forward offers a vision of a Christian integration of faith, reason, and vocation.

The name ‘Fare Forward’ is taken from “The Dry Salvages”, the third quartet of T.S. Eliot’s masterpiece, Four Quartets. “The Dry Salvages” is a reflection on time, eternity, and humanity’s place in between. We chose our name to reflect this awareness of the transhistorical, incarnational nature of human experience and to affirm our commitment to acknowledging both the richness of Christian tradition and our faith’s vital creativity.