About Derek Turner

Derek Turner graduated from Columbia in May 2012 with a degree in Political Science and Anthropology. Now the Director of Business Development at Grand Circus as a Venture for America Fellow, he is living and working in Downtown Detroit to see what entrepreneurship can do for the city, simultaneously navigating a bankrupt city with a new wife and a new way of relating faith to his surroundings.

Prodigal City

 The bankruptcy of Detroit is a consequence of multi-faceted social problems that defy simple solutions and pat answers. To love the city will require more than creative thinking. When news broke of Detroit’s decision to file for bankruptcy, The Onion dealt with the matter, as it so often does, with sharper insight than any of the news articles my concerned friends and family sent me—“Report: Detroit Bankruptcy Might Transform City Into Some Kind Of Hellish, Depopulated Wastela … [Read more...]