About Laura Marshall

Laura Marshall graduated in 2009 from Patrick Henry College in Northern Virginia, and she is now a PhD student in Classics at the Ohio State University. When she's not trying to understand lyric poetry or Plato, she love running, planning gardens, and exploring the food culture of Columbus, Ohio.

Like a Child

As the oldest of seven kids, I’ve done my fair share of wiping dirty faces, checking for closet monsters, and speculating as to why the sky is blue. But I also grew up in a church that encouraged “child-like faith.” In that church, this phrase was often shorthand for, “We don’t have answers for this, but having questions and worrying about it shows a lack of faith.” Sometimes “this” was a problem the Church has struggled with for ages, such as the problem of suffering, but sometimes it referred t … [Read more...]

A Brief Theology of Coffee

 The season of Lent has come, and I’ve spent the past weeks watching my more liturgical friends drop off Facebook and refuse beers, chocolate, and Netflix references. This season leaves me feeling guilty, not so much because I’m not giving up anything for Lent, but because I didn’t remember that it was Lent until I saw a friend post “Ash Wednesday” on Facebook. My spiritual calendar has been reduced to social media posts, which I now feel guilty about reading anyway.To cover this gui … [Read more...]

Reading Charitably

 Applying the commandment to “love my neighbor” to literature, Laura Marshall discovered a whole new way of relating to writers. When I was five, I sat on the couch, cried over my first phonics book, and told my mother that I was stupid and would never learn to read. She refused to believe me and would probably not be surprised to know that now, twenty-three years later, I am a graduate student in Classics, attempting to understand themes in Homer and the intricacies of Greek ver … [Read more...]

Do We Like Bonhoeffer For the Right Reasons?

Why is Bonhoeffer experiencing such popularity among evangelical Christians at the moment? What is the appeal of his life and message that we find so attractive - and is that attraction legitimate?I was first introduced to Bonhoeffer's life in a Focus on the Family Radio Theatre production titled "Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom." More recently, Eric Metaxas wrote a biography of titled Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. This biography has been critiqued by Bonhoeffer historians … [Read more...]