About Matt Mellema

A native of Colorado Springs, Matt Mellema is a J.D. Candidate at Yale Law School. He is a Lead Editor for the Yale Law & Policy Review, as well as the senior editor of the “Daily Flannelgraph” web magazine.

A Utopian and an Acadian

I come from Colorado Springs, a conservative town.  I go to school at a liberal law school in the northeast.  As such, I get swamped with political rhetoric from the left and right, and much of it is seething. Like those around me, I often fall into the trap of partisanship. The self-congratulation that comes from condemning a political rival is delicious, but it has consequences, the worst of which is my assumption about people on the other side.  I think of them not merely as stupid and ig … [Read more...]

Finding Bigfoot and Losing Cynicism

Sunday was the season two finale of Animal Planet’s hit series “Finding Bigfoot.”  I watched it, and then felt bad about myself.  Not because I dislike the show—I actually love it.  The problem is that I hate the reasons why I love it.The show’s premise is simple. Four people travel from place to place trying to find Bigfoot.  Three of them—Matt, Cliff, and Bobo—are hardcore Bigfoot believers.  Matt and Cliff interview most of the witnesses and examine the evidence, while Bobo uses his large … [Read more...]

“The Bible” and Our Bland Theology

Bible documentaries tend to skew toward the fringe in order to get a high viewership: I have seen documentaries that argue that Ezekiel’s wheel was a UFO, and that Jesus performed his miracles using David Blaine-style street magic.  So I was wary about the History Channel’s new, much-hyped mini-series “The Bible."  Shortly before the show premiered this past Sunday, however, I read a Christianity Today interview with the producers—Roma Downey from “Touched by an Angel” and her husband Mark Burnet … [Read more...]