About Matthew Mason

Matthew Mason has an M.Th. from Oak Hill College in London. He is Associate Rector of Church of the Resurrection in Washington, D.C., and teaches at Trinity Forum Academy. Matthew is a Fellow of the Center for Pastor Theologians, blogs at their website (www.pastoraltheologians.com), and is the editor of their new journal, Bulletin of Ecclesial Theology.

The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography

 For those who enjoy biographies and love books, what could be better than a good biography... of a great book? The Lives of Great Religious Books series promises many happy hours learning more about old friends and making new acquaintances, from Augustine’s Confessions to Bonhoeffer’s Letters and Papers from Prison, from the book of Genesis, to the Tibetan Book of the Dead.One of the latest books in this series, Alan Jacobs’s biography of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), provides a … [Read more...]