About Matthew Mellema

Matt Mellema is a student at Yale Law School, and a graduate of John Brown University. He is also a former tour guide, missionary, and (failed) bohemian poet. After graduating he plans to return home to Colorado, which he is reasonably sure is the greatest place on earth.

Fandom’s Final Tragedy

 I was talking with a friend recently, and I decided that her sister’s new boyfriend—who I’ve never met—is a bad person. I only know one thing about him, but it’s enough: he has always lived in Oklahoma, but claims to be a New England Patriots fan.For me, the Super Bowl is a time of reflection. After my team gets eliminated, the NFL playoffs lead me to ponder the meaning of sorrow, loyalty, and loss. This year I’ve been lucky so far: my Denver Broncos are in the Super Bowl for the fi … [Read more...]