About Michael Strickland

Michael Strickland graduated from Christendom College with degrees in Philosophy, Literature, and Classics. He is now a doctoral student at The Catholic University of America. Among his main interests are: science fiction and fantasy, short stories, scholastic philosophy, and aesthetics of all sorts.

Son of God

 There is something of a vicious cycle in the world of Christian films. Pious people want to make a movie, but lack the necessary funds and skills. Undeterred, they make a movie anyway and rely on their message to make up for the lack of polish in other areas. So, most Christian films wind up cheaply produced, amateurish, and preachy. This in turn scares off others who might have the necessary technical know-how from even considering taking part in such productions. Son of God, the … [Read more...]

The Lego Movie

 Editor’s Warning: BEWARE – MASSIVE SPOILERSThe Lego Movie has already been acclaimed as the greatest toy commercial ever crafted, but the reason for its success is that it is so much more than the mere money grab that we expected: it is actually a good movie. The film deals with challenging, topical issues and manages to take a more nuanced approach than the usual vapid platitudes one would expect in an animated children's movie.  Within its hundred-minute duration, we deal with big … [Read more...]