About Phillip Harold

Philip Harold is Associate Dean of the School of Education and Social Sciences and co-directs the Honors Program at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2010, he was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Catholic University in Eichstatt, Germany, and he is the author of Prophetic Politics: Emmanuel Levinas and the Sanctification of Suffering (Ohio University Press, 2009)

You Can’t Choose Your Friends

 Axiomatic in our times is the foundational nature of choice. Our politics, economics, and law are all based on the idea that individuals make choices that can be good or bad. When asked, this is what we mean by “responsibility”: we are responsible for our own choices. After all, we can’t be responsible for other people’s choices. Responsibility, therefore, implies personal responsibility. It only exists when we choose something.Even friendship with others is reduced to choice. As th … [Read more...]