Watch ‘The Armor of Light’ on PBS May 10

‘The Armor of Light’, a documentary film by Abigail Disney, follows Evangelical pastor Rob Schenck as he searches for the courage to preach about the ungodly toll of gun violence in the U.S. in circles where the 2nd Amendment is considered holy. He reflects with the help of Lucy McBath, whose unarmed, teenaged black son was murdered by a white man with a gun for playing loud music at a gas station in Florida.

Rev. Schenck is a far-right anti-abortion activist who starts to question whether being pro-gun can logically coexist with being pro-life. Friends and colleagues warn him to keep his distance from this thorny issue. McBath, who is also a Christian, agrees to work with him as her devastating real-life experience propels her to fight for common sense gun legislation.

The Armor of Light, by Abigail Disney, Fork Films

The Armor of Light, by Abigail Disney, Fork Films

‘The Armor of Light’ follows them as they take a deeper look at the American gun culture, and as they cross polarized party lines to find common ground with one another toward a greater goal. You can watch the premiere of the documentary Tuesday, May 10 at 8:00PM on PBS.

I recently interviewed Abigail Disney for the 20th anniversary of Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Awards. Watch a snippet of my conversation with her, as she talks about how her own eyes and heart were opened during the making of this important film:

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