Archives for February 2010

The Sublime Disturbance

As the wind makes a different song through the same tree as its branches break, God makes finer and finer music through the wearing down of our will. [Read more…]

Being Here

Transcending down into the ground of things is akin to sweeping the leaves that cover a path. There will always be more leaves. And the heart of the journey, the heart of our own awakening, is to discover for ourselves that the leaves are not the ground, and that sweeping them aside will reveal a [Read More…]

Coming Out

While there is much to do we are not here to do. Under the want to problem-solve is the need to being-solve. Often, with full being the problem goes away. The seed being-solves its darkness by blossoming. The heart being-solves its loneliness by loving what it meets. The tea being-solves the water by becoming tea. [Read more…]

Small Light and Timeless Light

Everything is lighted. In the beginning, this is clear. In nature, we tip our face to the sun and our small light is renewed by the timeless light. Often, as we enter the realm of others, our small light serves as a lantern softening and illuminating everyone we look at; especially the dark ones who [Read More…]