Archives for January 2011

The Closeness Opened by Kindness

The reward for love is closeness. This is a treasure that cannot be bought or stolen or achieved. It is a law of the living: care leads to intimacy. Often we discover our dearest friends when stopping to help another or when someone is kind enough to carry us when we have fallen. The truth [Read More…]

Light Meeting Light

After coffee, I went quiet till a cloud parted in my mind and the light within made it briefly to the page. I rubbed my eyes to search what had surfaced, the way a diver catches his breath and wipes the muck from the treasure he’s brought up. Just as I began to under- stand, [Read More…]

The Deeper Song

Years ago I wrote a song on the piano, discovered its patterns, played it over and over so I could remember. Even tried to score it. Then we moved. I found a good spot for the upright, had her tuned, but seldom got to play. There was the tree that almost fell on the house [Read More…]

Covenant with Time

In silence or in crisis, we can put down the gun, bandage the wound, carry the water and share our bread. But under all that, all we can do is hold each other and listen. The one, an indispensable lifting. The other, an indispensable putting down. So when you fall, I will help you up. [Read More…]


In the early light, complete stillness. In the snow, two remaining leaves. At first I think their quiver is because of a small wind, but watching dawn creep toward us, I realize they are trembling because of the light. Nothing else moves. I watch long enough to remember that it is bowing to the sun [Read More…]